PHP-Progress database connection on Linux

PHP-Progress database connection on Linux

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Hi All,

For PHP-Progress database connection through Merant ODBC Driver on

Go to:

and download the "PHP-Progress database connection"

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Yes, I know that the problem has been already raised and solved in
previous threads in this forum but even checking which has been adviced
in these cases with our configuration we are unable to make the
connection between our PHP client and the Ingres database.

The environment is the following :
PHP 4.3.1
Ingres II 2.6/0207 (int.lnx/02)
Linux Red Hat 7.3

When we try to connect, the connection is denied with the following
error : E_GC1008-INVALID_USER in the errlog.log

Obviously, we checked before that the user (default or specified into
the Ingres_connect PHP statement) is a valid one.

The script which starts Apache exports II_SYSTEM to "/home"

Also, having searched accross already posted threads for this kind of
problem we configured the server as the following :

ii.lindvs.gcf.mech.ingres.enabled:      true
ii.lindvs.gcf.mech.null.enabled:        true
ii.lindvs.gcf.mech.system.enabled:      true
ii.lindvs.gcf.mechanism_location:       /home/ingres/lib
ii.lindvs.gcf.remote_auth_error:        ignore
ii.lindvs.gcf.security_mechanism:       system

and also tried the last entry to "null" or "ingres" (by the way our
system accounts are managed through NIS)

At least, the result is deseparately always the same ...

Any help would be (greatly) appreciated !

Lcorch Eric


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