OODBs - references?

OODBs - references?

Post by Jim Kram » Tue, 07 Dec 1993 08:52:30

We are thinking of moving in the direction of OODBs
here at Motorola.  Some of the OO SW Eng guys talk
about them a bit (Jacobsen) but most of real DB stuff
I've seen is real academic.  Can anyone site some
references which CLEARLY discuss the differences
between OODB and RDB technology (no religious banter,
please)?  I'm particularly interested in Gemstone and
what support OODB _PRODUCTS_ (ie. out there now) have
for distributed queries, etc.

             Thanks much,

               Jim Kramer

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1. References CAD OODBS

I am looking for recent work on OODBS for
VLSI CAD support. Would appreciate any references
on commercial/research prototypes for the same.

Please reply by e-mail. I'll post a summary.
Thanks in advance.

- satish


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