Need "Report Generation" Utility

Need "Report Generation" Utility

Post by Stephen M. Gera » Mon, 02 Apr 1990 05:05:00

I am looking for a report generation package that will work with C-ISAM
from Informix.  I would appreciate any advise, experience, etc on either
commercial or public domain packages that would allow:

1.) Integration with applications programs that we have written that use
    C-ISAM files.  This would require sufficient documentation on the
    format of the data that defines each record.  I.E.: offset, data type,
    key info, etc.  This would either require duplicating the file
    description data or adopting whatever file description data the report
    writer utilizes.

2.) Allow for relational reference using key fields on a file to file
    basis.  For example, the customer is the key to the master customer
    record, and the invoice number is the key to invoice trailer records.

3.) Have a screen oriented front-end to facilitate record selection
    criterion and possibly report format.

4.) Allow for ample selection criterion.  This is to say that the package
    must be able to have at least ten selection criterion and each of these
    should be able to specify a range or set of acceptable parameters.

5.) It would be nice, but not required, if the package understands and
    utilizes the advantages of PostScript.

6.) Source code availability would be nice, but would not be required if
    that package is available for most popular UNIX boxes.

Please respond via e-mail, I'll summarize to the net if there is sufficient

Thanks, Steve

Stephen Gerard  -  Total Support Computer Systems  -  Tampa  -  (813) 876-5990

US-MAIL: Post Office Box 15395 - Tampa, Florida  33684-5395


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