Float numbers with Visual DBA 2

Float numbers with Visual DBA 2

Post by franc » Sat, 02 Jun 2001 18:57:44


We're in the process to migrate from Ingres 1.2 to Ingres II and we met a
problem with Visual DBA 2.
With VDBA 1.2, a number like 400109263192441.00 was displayed just the same
but with VDBA 2 it is displayed 4.00109e+014.
Anyone met this behavior ?? How coukd we get back to the VDBA 1.2 behavior
Any help would be appriciated.

TIA Franck


1. Float numbers update in client side cursors.

I am using ADO VC++ and SQL server 6.5. with OLEDB.
With Client Side cursors, I try to update records containing float numbers
initialized to 0.0 and I get the message
"The number '0.' is outof the range for numeric representation"
When I use the same update with server side cursors it works. Any
Thanks in advance.
Stelios Roubedakis

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