Browse Window - FPW 2.6

Browse Window - FPW 2.6

Post by ShahJag » Sat, 06 Apr 2002 08:29:36

Hi -

Is it possible to have two users concurrently edit the same table thru a browse
window? I am trying but am not getting anywhere.  The system tells me 'The
record is in use by another user'.
Is it possible to get the browse window to allow a 'shared mode edit' without
having to write code for the same?

Anyone tried that?  Would sure appreciate some help here.



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In my FPW 2.6 project, when I open by Browse window, it takes on the
same size as the window underneath it. This is a real problem for me,
because the window underneath is REALLY SMALL, just the size of a few
icons. I would prefer the Browse window to open to a specific size, or
even just maximized. Is there such a way? Thanks!

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