Exporting file properties in XML format for integration in databases

Exporting file properties in XML format for integration in databases

Post by Patrick Peccatt » Mon, 10 Jun 2002 22:45:07

We would like to inform about the last version v3.1 of our metadata extration software Catalogue.
Catalogue works on management of documents properties : MS office, Windows 2000 files, OpenOffice.org, JPEG, PDF in 3 ways :

- interactive mode as an interface sorting them on properties values, accessing or applying changes if needed (for example to
change a company name on a set of documents when corporate documents must be updated after a merge);

- ouput mode as a report generator that creates HTML sorted summaries or directories lists in a csv or word format;

- export mode creating XML metadata files that can be performed by XSL transformations for specific presentation purposes or
to propose data in a format that other other applications can easily integrate.

This opens Catalogue to several business usages and can even be used as a learning tool to illustrate XML, RDF, Dublin Core
The software page is available at : http://peccatte.karefil.com/software/Catalogue/CatalogueENG.htm with an evaluation
version 3.1
Feel free to try it and don't hesitate to contact us for any information your need


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