Passing table field rows to an ABF frame

Passing table field rows to an ABF frame

Post by Wayne Jan » Sat, 25 Jul 1992 22:28:45

We are running INGRES 6.4 on a Sun.  I have a tablefield defined in an
ABF application frame which I pass to another frame like this:
        callframe modproc (modproc := emptable.all);
Emptable has two fields, empnum and empname.  The called frame
"modproc" has two simple fields also called empnum and empname.  I
would like the user to simply be able to change those fields.  However,
if the fields are changed, when the user returns to the calling frame,
the table fields HAVE NOT CHANGED.  I can't figure out what I'm doing
wrong.  The manual says that I'm passing the table field row by
reference, so you'd think that it would be changed.

What gives here?  Please E-mail me directly; I'm not on this list.

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1. Passing role/group to called ABF QBF/RBF frames

This originally began as a question on the SUID bit under OI 1.1.  I've
resigned myself to the fact that OI doesn't honor thw SUID bit in the way
6.x did.  I've tried using roles but cannot get past the role password
(posted separately) so now I'm trying groups. Now I find I cannot pass
the ABF/4GL application group (from the command line) to called QBF/RBF
frames or at least I cannot find it.  

I guess I could use the CALL SYSTEM statement and generate a command line
call to qbf but that seems a bit kludgy.  (I should point out that I do
not have the Vision/ABF/4GL docs for OI, just 6.4.).

Am I missing something?  Is my caffeine level too low?

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