End of month function

End of month function

Post by Ian Sweene » Sat, 31 Jan 1998 04:00:00

SELECT DATE_TRUNC('month', DATE('17/01/1997') + '1 month') - '1 day'

returns '31/01/97'

Is there a more efficient way to get the last day of the month for any
given date?


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I searched all over google for answers to this question and came across many
solutions. But converting dates to character and plugging a "01" in and
putting the date back together seemed to old school.


Or maybe it had a different purpose that I didn't catch in the thread. But
tinkering with Healthcare data has caused me to tinker with dates more than
I could care for.

I figure I would just post this incase someone else needed a simple solution
that didn't eat up the runtime of the query.

/*CurrentMonth is set to the first day of the month*/

/*Figure out the last day of the current month */

/*Figure out the last day of the previous month */

Not to mention storing all of these little bits of code in the newsgroup
allows me to find them in the future from anywhere.

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