MS Access97 + ODBC2.04 locks btrieve tables on Insert or Create Table queries

MS Access97 + ODBC2.04 locks btrieve tables on Insert or Create Table queries

Post by Miroslav PRAG » Thu, 08 Oct 1998 04:00:00

We're using Access97 (SR1) + Btrieve ODBC2.04 as front-end for btrieve
When trying to process whole btrieve table  - for example importing data
from Btrieve to Access like

INSERT INTO Access_Table
SELECT Linked_Btrieve_Table.*
FROM Linked_Btrieve_Table
WHERE Linked_Btrieve_Table.CertainField=Something

btrieve table gets locked until query is finished and nobody else can use
it - pretty * in multiuser environment. I wonder WHY as I only READ from
it. Is there a way how to force Read-Only, NoLock connection? Maybe using
Access' VisualBasic to create connection.

Is Intersolv ODBC any better?

Thank you in advance

Miroslav PRAGL


MS Access97 + ODBC2.04 locks btrieve tables on Insert or Create Table queries

Post by Linda Anders » Tue, 20 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Actually, it wouldn't be the Jet engine in this case, because there's
no 32-bit ISAM driver for Btrieve to use with the Jet engine.  The
only Btrieve support for 32-bit Access is via ODBC.  However - you're
right in that the Jet+ISAM driver Win16 configuration kicked off
exclusive transactions for any Btrieve access.

I would suspect one of two things causing the file lock: either Access
via ODBC is initiating an exclusive transaction when the statement is
executed, or the Access user is using a different Btrieve
configuration than the other users.    In the case of the latter, is
it possible that you're using a client/server configuration and you're
other users are using a workstation engine or vice versa?  What engine
are you trying to use?  If you're using a server Btrieve or
Pervasive.SQL engine, you can check for transaction locks in the
monitor utility.


>It's not the ODBC driver.  The Jet engine sets off an exclusive transaction
>before opening the DDFs, which locks all open files.  It appears that it does
>not close the DDFs, either.



Linda Anderson
Customer Engineering - Pervasive Software


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we are using btrieve based DOS applications. Btrieve version is
Because all analysis are very slow, main idea is to replicate same
tables on
MS SQL 7.0 with DTS for data warehousing. I am using ODBC driver version
2.04 (also tried 2.01) but there is some problem that I can not solve.
regularly reads definitions of tables and creates new table, that is OK,
when it should copy records sometimes it does sometimes not. And biggest
problem is that DTS can not finish job, all records are copied but it
I can only stop it with end task in task manager. On btrieve this
leaves open connection!

Any idea?

When I am connecting to btrieve from Access everything is OK, I can
or link tabels. One possible solution is to import all data in access
than using DTS replicating to SQL but how to schedule this job for daily
updating tables?


Mladen Vedak
Tel:    ++385 1 3650 722
Fax:    ++385 1 3650 721

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