using foxpro with a Linux/SAMBA LAN server.

using foxpro with a Linux/SAMBA LAN server.

Post by Eric A. Merce » Tue, 04 Feb 1997 04:00:00

My parent's are about to move from a Xenix/foxpro system (serial
terminals & all) to a Windows LAN.

They currently use SBT's Pro Series software w/ foxpro, and they expect
to use the windows version after they change systems.  I would like to
have them use a linux server running SAMBA software instead of a windows
NT server.

For those who don't know, Linux is a freely available unix kernel for
PCs, and SAMBA is a freely available MS Lan-Manager compatible disk &
printer server package for unix systems.

ANYWAY, I was just wondering if anyone is using a samba server to serve
foxpro databases to their LAN.  Of course if there is anyone using SBT's
software with such a setup they'll get extra credit.

If you have any info, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

|Eric A. Mercer            GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania |


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