Info on UniVerse for UNIX

Info on UniVerse for UNIX

Post by William Bann » Sun, 20 Mar 1994 10:01:24

Someone has asked me about a database called UniVerse.
He is looking at an inventory/accounting application
which was written in it. It supposedly runs under UNIX
although I don't know what flavor.
We do not have any information about the database.
Can you help?
What distinguishes this database from other databases
such as SYBASE.

Any info will be appreciated.


Bill Bannon


Info on UniVerse for UNIX

Post by John Jenki » Sat, 26 Mar 1994 03:39:00

I imagine you've had 'thousands' of replies by now, however...

UniVerse is a product from Vmark that provides the 'Pick' database
on Unix platforms.
* Pick originally devised the database years ago as a stock
control system (for helicopter parts I think) and it is one of the
most widely used 'common' computer databases.

If you know 'Pick', you know 'UniVerse', although there are a number
of detail differences you can spot if you compare the two.

Did I say two?* licenced his database to other vendors
(including Vmark) and they have each made their own variants :
ADDS, McDonnell-Douglas,*'s own 'native' version, Prime
Information, Revelation Rev G, Advanced Revelation, PI Open,
Unidata, Vmark's UniVerse,etc.,

They all share a common kernel with various extensions. Some
variants (Unidata, Prime Information, PI Open, UniVerse) have a
facility called the CALLC interface or the GCI which allows bridging
to native language functions from inside the Pick database - this is

There are many publications on Pick which can provide the
information you need rather than labour on here, however in summary
Pick provides a more-or-less platform independant database with an
integrated enquiry language and a structured (I know the arguments
for & against Pick Basic being 'structured' and I'm not going to
argue the point) language fully integrated with the DBMS as a multi
or single user system.

As a broad guideline, we reckon it takes 10 times as long to create
a 'traditional' application in (for example) COBOL as it does in
Pick .....

I can't compare it with SYBASE I'm sorry, - I haven't used it at
all, but I DO like Pick (you could tell that - coundn't you).

If you've got a specific query or just want to chat, give me a mbx
or call

(+44) 823 335292
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1. PICK, UniVerse, Unix and what-have you (info request)

I have been encountering more than the usual (low number) references to
PICK of late, and more specifically 'guest' environments (such as UniVerse)
which allow PICK to run as a guest under Unices.

Specifically my questions are:
        1-      How usable, stable, maintainable and scalable is PICK
                (generally) and what (if anything) changes when a non-
                native (such as Pick under Unix) implementation is used.

        2-      What vendors would you/would you not recommend for PICK
                and (can be general) reasons for recommendation.

        3-      Where can a small (cheap?) Pick environment be gotten
                for experimentation and testing? (Can be PC type for testing)

I have been reading Pick-World and a couple of texts on the system  
(describing Pick in 'glowingly lovely detail'), but what I really want
to know is if you now use/maintain a Pick system-- would you do it over?

Mail responses are welcome, postings are fine as well. Vendors beware.

- Jon McCown

(if this turns into a mail deluge, I will summarize)

             J.D. McCown - RCSG Director - Senate of Pennsylvania  
psuvax1!eds1!jdm1    (this space intentionally     "Your lupins or your life!"

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