Need help with performance of Btrieve database app.

Need help with performance of Btrieve database app.

Post by Advanced Info Services (Michael Ha » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am having problems getting decent performance in a Windows application I am
developing that uses Novell's Btrieve (Version 5.1). This application has
an import function which initially populates the database. This involves
inserting approximately 90,000 records into several Btrieve
files, the largest of which contains about 60,000 records. On a 486-66Mhz
machine this takes over 10 hours. Unfortunately, the target platform for this
application does not include the 32-bit file access that is available on
Windows for Workgroups, NT or (I assuming) on Win 95, which cuts down the
time considerably to about 1 hour. I have tried optimizing the page sizes of
the Btrieve files to their smallest possible size and have also tried using
the Extended Insert operations of Btrieve. They have reduced time, but not
If anyone out there has some insight on this I would greatly appreciate it.
In particular, if anyone knows a way in Btrieve to insert a certain amount
of records without it having to update the indexes with each insert; Or knows
in general how massive inserts are usually dealt with in Btrieve.
                                        Thanks in advance,
                                        Michael Hart


1. Help : BPW App and Btrieve database problem

We are grateful for any suggestions to our situation below.

Our company is using an application (App A) developed using BPW v1.0
accessing Btrieve v5.x database (this database belongs to another
application, lets called it AppB).

Data access is via Btrieve APIs.

Even though AppB has gone through a few stages of upgrades (to Delphi
4), the database remains at Btrieve v5.x. But the latest upgrades
resulting in the database migrating to Pervasive SQL 7 (accessing via

We are working on upgrading App A to Pervasive SQL 7. This is not
schedule for completion till coming December.

The problem is AppB is going live in about a months time. When this
happens, App A will not able to access the database.

We are planning modify portion of App A containing database accessing
codes to tide us until December.  

But we are sure to encounter imcompatibility of BPW 1.0 (16-bit app)
calling/working with Pervasive SQL 7 (32-bit application)?

What the options do be have for this very short term approach,

Option 1 : compile App A into 32 bits.
                 We will definitely be grateful for guidance on this

Option 2 : ???

We thank you in advance.


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