'addnew' function?

'addnew' function?

Post by cato » Sat, 01 Jan 2000 04:00:00


i tried the 'addnew' functio with TDC data source objects from a textfile.
My question is: how can i add a record in the textfile with 'addnew'? I
tried with 'update', following the ADO-syntax, but that new record never
appears in the textfile.
I thought 'addnew' is for adding a record in the cache recordset and
'update' for writing in that textfile.

Any idea?


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I have derived a class from CRecordSet that accesses a table (say MyTable)
in the SQLServer 6.5. As the records in MyTable increases the AddNew and
Update functions take a longer time to add a new record to the table. It
can be snail slow (approx. 1 min) to add a new record when there are more
than 30,000 records in the table.

May I know if there are other ways to improve the speed of adding a new

Many thanks.

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