Access, Pdf file problem in report

Access, Pdf file problem in report

Post by Carlo Russ » Thu, 17 Oct 2002 18:25:32


I have a problem printing a Acrobat Pdf file in my Access
XP DB reports. I need to read the name of the file in my
access db and to print it into a report box. Actually I
set the property "src" of a Adobe Acrobat Control for
ActiveX to the name of the file but it does not work. I do
the same think in my forms and it works but is not
dinamical, i.e. I can show the first record correctly but
the program doesn't update the Control for other records.
I wrote the following lines for the event "On page"
and "On load"

    Dirs$ = SearchDirectoryDB$ + "\schede-xls\"
    If (Not IsNull(SchedaDett.Text)) And (Dir(Dirs$ +
SchedaDett.Text) <> "") Then
        PdfDett.src = Dir$ + SchedaDett.Text
        PdfDett.Visible = True
        PdfDett.src = ""
        PdfDett.Visible = False
    End If

Can someone help me,please?

Thank you

Carlo Russo


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obtain a correct pdf file.

How can I solve my problem?

To generate the pdf files I do these step

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Ciao Corrado.

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