ActiveX "" error

ActiveX "" error

Post by Erin Moor » Wed, 29 Jan 2003 08:57:11

Hi All,

I appoligize if this is the wrong board for this particular question....

However, we have an inhouse application that is accessed through IE and
works on several PC's throughout
the office except 1.

The PC in question has Windows 98 as the OS and IE6 fullly patched.

What happen's is, the user is able to use the inhouse application until it
come's time to print something. They recieve the following error, (yellow
yield sign in the bottom left conter of IE) as follows.

Line 681
Char 2
Error "ActiveX Component can's create object Wscript.Network"

Any ideas as to what would cause this?

Do you think it could be anything machine specific? Network settings, IE
Security settings? I have all Internet and local Intranet ActiveX security
settings to enable, and still no go.

I can go to a differnet Win98 PC and log in with all of the same user
credenials and same version of IE6 and it works fine.

Any comment's or suggestions greatly appreciated.
Thank you


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