Software for accessing SQL database in MS-DOS?

Software for accessing SQL database in MS-DOS?

Post by Laurens Hoeb » Thu, 24 Feb 1994 19:56:14

Hello to everybody out there,


ME-10 is a CAD system, mainly running on UNIX. However, recently a DOS
version has become available for the low-end user. We use the DOS version
on a 486/66 with 16Mb.

Right now we are working on a drawing management system for ME-10dos. There
are several ways to do this, but we want to use a SQL database system.
We were told that it is possible to have a program running in the background
that can access a SQL database. But nobody could tell us what software would
be required to get the job done.

The database and software must both be on the same system, and not on a
separate server. The database will not become very large, say 10,000 records
at the most.

The general idea is:

1. The CAD user invokes a macro in ME-10
2. The macro shells to DOS and runs a command with several parameters
3. The database is accessed
4. Data is added/deleted or retrieved
5. Then, data is fed back to ME-10 if retrieved
6. A macro in ME-10 will then present this data on the screen


1. Is software available for creating a small SQL database in MS-DOS?
2. What software is required accessing the database?
3. Could you give any indication regarding the costs of this software?

Any suggestions would be more than welcome!

Thanks for reading this letter,

Jeroen Hensen

Polytechnic Eindhoven, The Netherlands