MS Access --> Ingres ODBC problem

MS Access --> Ingres ODBC problem

Post by Rene Baa » Wed, 11 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Since the first version of the ODBC driver for Ingres,
there's a problem with opening a large Ingres table that
has a multi-column key from Microsoft Access.

The latest ODBC driver from Intersolv seems to still have
this problem. Does anyone know a solution or workaround
for this (other than opening the table read-only, which

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1. Ingres ==> MS ACCESS / ODBC problems

We are running WFW 3.11 workstations, using ACCESS as the
client,into a number of databases on the network (SQL Server on
NT and NonStop SQL on Tandem).  I am now trying to connect our
users to an Ingres database on a unix platform.

I have loaded INGRES/Net and ODBC 2.0 from Computer Associates
(Ingres version on the server is 6.4/01).  Since I am new to the
Unix/Ingres platform, I hope this is correct.

Problems are:

* General protection faults
* ODBC Specification Conformance Error (-7776)
* and locked sessions on the server necessitating shutdown of
  the workstation.

Connection is achieved and cross system queries have been
successful, however, stability is another mater (the other
flavors of ODBC are being used by our customers out in the

Any suggestions would be apreciated !!


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