fonts, fonts, on the wall, may the fonts come out

fonts, fonts, on the wall, may the fonts come out

Post by Chuck Trip » Wed, 16 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I like to create a picture using the Character Map and use that for my
signature. What are the fonts that the newgroup uses? Also, what are the
standard text file fonts? ASCII? *.DAT/*.TXT?

Another subject, yet, fonts...
What would be the best fonts to use on VFP reports? I was told that it
is best to use MS Sans Serif for text/body and MS Serif for Title of
report. What I want to do is set an fonts that I would use "default" for
reports and would work when reducing size to about "8" (for lot of info
in landscape). I have use Arial all the time, and sometimes, when
viewing the screen/form, you can see all the characters, but when
printing it, it lose one (or two) last character(s).

Another subject, yet, fonts...
Since I have to have MANY fields on one screen/form, what would be good
font to use as to make it standard/default. I have used Arial all the
time, but do most printers use them as well computers? Are Arial pretty
spacing (little too wide)?



1. <font color=red><font size=256>S.O.S.!!!</font></font>

I have experienced this error myself in the past, in my case it was due
moving the project from one PC to another, comctl32 on the second PC had a
different GUID (Global User ID) than the original even though the files
appeared to be the same, the way I overcame it was to make SetUp disks for
the app and actually install it on the second PC, this ensured that the
GUID's were correct.
Hope that helps.

You can usually tell if this is the case by trying to open the project in
VB, if you get error messages saying that the files could not be loaded
(even though they are there), then it's a good clue.


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