Progress 8.3C and MERANT

Progress 8.3C and MERANT

Post by Nicol » Sat, 05 Apr 2003 00:53:15

Hi ,

Is anybody have experiences on MERANT to connect windows clients via ODBC.
Our progress databases are on unix box.

Thanks in advance


1. Need help : Progress 8.3c and ODBC driver Merant ver.


We would like to connect a Progress 8.3c on Windows NT with a third
using ODBC driver ver. from Merant. The server answered
"[MERANT][ODBC Progress driver][PROGRESS]A PROGRESS database server
can not handle a
non-progress database connection". I'd set the environment variables
DLC and PROMSGS, also an entry in services file. The mode of
connection "DIRECT" (database server in the same
comp. with the driver and the application).

Anybody has the same experience or can give me some hints ?

Michael A. Purwoadi

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