What is x.500?

What is x.500?

Post by Bob Ericks » Sun, 02 Aug 1992 02:18:00

I would like to learn more about x.500.
I've heard it referred to as a database system and
as "OSI's x.500 directory services for distributed directories".
The latter definition didn't give me a good handle on it.
Any descriptions, article references, etc. would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Where is this group's FAQ?
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What is x.500?

Post by Aaron Werm » Thu, 06 Aug 1992 21:16:04

Quote:>P.S. Where is this group's FAQ?

        This question has been asked several times recently. I had volunteered
        to develop a FAQ (last Spring!), but work pressure (>100 hours/week)
        has kept me from integrating the mess I started. I should return to
        the land of the living in 2-3 weeks and a few weeks later be able to
        come up with a prototype.

        - Sorry for the delay
        - Any volunteers to preview and correct my errors would be appreciated



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