Single process access limitation??

Single process access limitation??

Post by Bozoki Je » Thu, 16 May 1996 04:00:00


I'm using progress 6.2 on HP-UX 9.04.
Is this system effected by the single process access limitation described
in Greg Smith FAQ ?
If yes how can I measure it? ( sar -u reports a very high (20-70%) wio% ).
Is it possible that the root cause is this? ( -B is about 25MB ).

Thanks in advance,



1. Blocked Processes in SQL Server with SINGLE Access 97 Session

Has anyone out there got an easy (or otherwise) fix for this ?

We are upsizing an Access 97 (Office 97 SR-2 applied) Jet Back-end to MS
SQL Server 6.5

The front-end remains on Access 97

The data is accessed via ODBC linked tables held on a SQL Server 6.5
database. Most of the processing opens the tables with an
OpenRecordset(<tablename>, dbOpenDynaset, dbSeeChanges )

It works very well with the following exception :-

When code is wrapped in a transaction (absolutely necessary in the
application) the ODBC doesn't always keep all Transact-SQL statements on
the same connection (SPID) and, consequently, the transaction manages to
lock itself out of its own data. This doesn't happen with Jet and I'm
sure there must be an easy fix.

ODBC doesn't explicitly start transactions (which clouds the issue quite

Generally, all the lock-generating statements get put through the same
SPID but then it just loses it. Do I need to configure something in ODBC
or SQL Server up the bandwith per SPID or something.

I have managed to code work arounds (basically open all recordsets in
the outermost procedure of the transaction and pass these by reference)
but it's not really practical and very limiting.

All the above happens with one user accessing SQL Server 6.5 from Access
97 on a standalone PC running NT4 Server.

I'd be glad of any assistance.

Erling Dahle

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