Error renaming table file to a temp table table caused ingres to crash

Error renaming table file to a temp table table caused ingres to crash

Post by Paul Sprost » Wed, 29 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Imagine the following scenario ...

There are two tables on the system that a user requires access to run of a report ie

on Week 2000/49 they need to run of a report for week 2000/32 before it gets deleted automatically.

They forget to run of this before the week 2000/32 is yapped and users are creating list 2000/50

you are not allowed to kick anyone of the system and you require to get the list for 2000/32 back using the backup.


I created to temporary tables exactly the same as the ones required and modified accordingly.
I then renamed the table files retrieved from the backup to the temporary filenames accordingly.
I then modified the table again and tried loading the list 2000/32 into the tables they are required in.

This avertedly crashed the server so everyone was still attached to ingres but couldn't run anything.

Once the system was backup I looked at the errlog to see all errors which occurred around the time of crash.

E_DM92CB_DMIP_ERROR_INFO    An error occurred while using the space management scheme on table temp_pls, database hjcspls
E_DM92DD_DMIP_ERROR_INFO   Error fixing FHDR for a file

these happened a few times before while I was shutting it down and it came up with
E_PS0501_SESSION_OPEN There were open sessions when trying to shut down the parser facility

and then its mainly errors on shutting down the other user sessions that are running

Is there a patch of some sort to stop this crash happening or can someone provide me with more info on the reason this error occurred ...

Thanks in Advance



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