Node diagrams under FPW - VFP ?

Node diagrams under FPW - VFP ?

Post by Martin Sali » Sun, 30 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hi, all.

I need some kind of library that allows to me to do tree
node diagrams in a graphic format, like this:

                    |  Joe  |
                     /     \
               +------+   +------+
               | Jill |   | Bill |
               +------+   +------+
                           /    \
                     +------+  +------+
                     | Mary |  | Pepe |
                     +------+  +------+

The OCX OUTLINE Control that comes with VFP is NOT what I
want. I need to display the data in a format similar to the
shown above. Ideally, it have to be as close as a classic
organigram as possible. I need BIG bubbles, so it's not a
problem if I can't put many levels (4~5 deep by 3~4 wide
would be Ok).

I can write something like this using VFP drawing commands,
but I'd prefer to use some library already done.

If someone knows about something like this, please let me
know BY eMAIL, as I've missed many messages of this
newsgroup because of the amount of traffic.

Thanks to all!


Merino Aller & Asociados                       Callao 232, 6to.11
Technical Manager                         (1022) Bs.As, Argentina


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