P4W: Cursor stuck in form's table frame

P4W: Cursor stuck in form's table frame

Post by Carey David Klenets » Tue, 02 Nov 1993 15:26:23

Quote:>My cursor gets stuck in the table frame of a Paradox for Windows form.
>The only way I can get it out is by clicking with the mouse.

You have to use F3 and F4 (Super Tabs) to get out of the table frame, or
ObjectPAL code it to do so differently

Carey Klenetsky


P4W: Cursor stuck in form's table frame

Post by Marc P. Obu » Thu, 04 Nov 1993 01:36:50

>My cursor gets stuck in the table frame of a Paradox for Windows form.
>The only way I can get it out is by clicking with the mouse.

>I have a form which has a number of fields for data entry and also a
>tabel frame for data entry. Its like a customer order form:

>                                   Item Number    Quantity
>    Customer ID:                   -----------    --------
>    Date       :

>You fill in the date, Customer ID, and then move over to enter item
>numbers and quantities. My problem is that once the cursor moves into
>the item table frame, it won't tab out. You can press enter, tab,
>shift+tab, arrow keys, end, home, etc. The cursor moves around in the
>table but never back to the ID or date. To get back to the ID or date,
>you have to click on them with the mouse. This is a bad feature for data
>entry people who don't want to take their fingers of the keyboard.

>Why won't the cursor tab out of the table frame?


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In my experience with this, the cursor, when it reaches the end of one
record in a table, will tabe to the first field of a new record in
that table.  You could attach a method to the last field fo the table
to tab to the field that you want it to.  attach an action method to
the last field to read :

method action( eventInfo       )

   if eventInfo.ID() = FieldForward then


or use ID.moveTo() if thats the field you want to move to.  Good Luck
with it.



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