NT vs Linux vs SCO

NT vs Linux vs SCO

Post by Max » Sat, 11 Oct 1997 04:00:00

:>I am considering changing our Pick database from AT&T Unix to
:>another platform.
:>Does anybody have information on how NT performs compared to Linux ?
:>NT is supposed to be a resource monster, but is this true when
:>running 100 users on a Pick database ?

100 simultaneous users exercising the db under NT would be horrible,
more or less depending on particularities of the applications.

: If some of your goals are to have a fileserver that can be used by your users
: (and they like using the win95/NT expolorer) to save their word documents and
: send each other email and attach graphics etc to the emails, then the
: resources required to run NT are not wasted.

A Unix or Linux fileserver would of course serve w95 or NT or Mac
or NCs...

: If on the other hand, your' looking for a "kick arse" pick box that runs
: wyse50 terminal sessions and you what to be able to print 3,000 invoices a
: second, and your users don't know what a mouse is, then a unix based solution
: would be more suitable. If this is the case, I would question using Linux
: (as much as I like it and use it myself, you are really left to support yourself)
: I would suggest you look at SCO or some other commercial product where you
: can call a 1800 number when you have problem and get some help from someone
: who supports these systems for a living, not as a hobby.

: Commercial support is also a reason you might choose NT over unix.

Caldera, owned by former Novell CEO Ray Noorda, offers a commercial
Linux with excellent support and many value additions proprietary to

But don't rule out SCO Openserver at all... check it out as well as
Caldera's Linux. SCO has a lower cost of ownership than NT during
the lifecycle.

Max Southall
PRN Infosystems


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