need info about DB2 tools (Platinum)

need info about DB2 tools (Platinum)

Post by Peter Ros » Wed, 14 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hello there,
I'm searching for informations about DB2 maintenance tools like those of
BTC, Candel ....
espacially I am searching for experiences that you have made with tools of
Platinum (Database Analyzer, Utility Manager), because I visited their
website and would like to have some more Information from DBAs who are
working with this tool and who can also tell me about their negative

thanks Peter


1. Info on Platinum


Could someone please give me information on "Platinum" The info will be  
very useful if you can address the following areas also:-

1) Is it a very good accounting, relational database system?
2) What are its advantages and disdavantages?
3) What are its frontends?

How good is Btrieve?
Thanx in advance.

Ph: 965-7055

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