Transforming an object model to a RDBMS

Transforming an object model to a RDBMS

Post by Mario Kupri » Sat, 08 Jun 1996 04:00:00

        Transforming an existing object model to a relational database is a
        very complex work. Starting with the different data models end ending with
        object specific methods a lot of details should be considered.

        There is a object model with relationships (i.e. is_a, part_of) by simple or
        multiple inheritance. The objects of the model are complex or simple once.
        Furthermore the objects decree about specific methods.

        All those features are to be transformed from an object model to a relational

        Simple objects are transformed as simple tables. But what is about complex
        How to store methods? Certainly not together with methods ??!! But how to
        re-combign the methods with the objects/reconstruct the objects?
        Inheritance is transformed by horizontal or vertical partitioning or by an
        universal relation. -But how to transform part_of-relations (aggregation)?

        Thank you for any technical comments!

        Best regards,