FS: new Paradox 5.0 and DBase 5.0 for Windows

FS: new Paradox 5.0 and DBase 5.0 for Windows

Post by Ernest Caleb Paso » Fri, 03 May 1996 04:00:00

I won the following two databases in a contest, and don't have any use
for them.  Both are unused (although the Paradox is no longer shrinkwrapped),
and contain all manuals/whatever that come with the products.  These are
full versions, not upgrades.

        Paradox 5.0 (win): $150 or reasonable offer
        DBase 5.0 for windows: $150 or reasonable offer
        Borland Reportsmith 2.5 (win): $50 or reasonable offer


1. Run time development: dBase for windows or Paradox 5.0 for windows

I am interested in developing some simple programs for Windows.
The types of programs that I am iterested in developing are very
well suited to database programming.  So I want to purchase a
Windows database.  I am trying to decide between dBase for Windows
and Paradox 5.0 for Windows.  

I have used both dBase IV and Paradox 4.5 for Windows in different
work experiences but I have no personal investment in either (so
backwards compatability is not an issue).  What are some of the
issues that I should be concerned with and which package is better
at handling these issues?  One issue which I am concerned about is
which of the two has the better run time edition (e.g. size of
executables produced, amount of resources required, etc.).  I
would like to keep one or two of the apps I develop open all the
time so I am looking for the program that will require the least
amount of overhead.

I am not considering Access at this time.  I don't like the fact
that all of my elements (tables, forms, reports, programs, etc.)
have to be in the same file.  I can see a few advantages to this,
but they don't outweigh the disadvantages.  If anyone can convince
me that I would be better off going with Access in spite or because
of this I am willing to listen.  

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me.

Don A Potter

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