Looking for telecommuting position

Looking for telecommuting position

Post by Wil » Sun, 03 Dec 2000 04:00:00

Miami based progress programmer with 8 years experience seeking a
telecommuting position.


1. ### Oracle Developer Wants Telecommuting Position ###

To Interested Parties:

I am an expert front and back-end Oracle developer. I have over 7 years
of extensive experience using Oracle development tools in large
enterprise environments. This includes Forms, Reports, Menus, PL/SQL,
database triggers, functions, procedures, performance, utilities, etc.

I am seeking a work-from-home position. I am based in San Diego and am
willing to commute periodically as needed. I have been working partially

from home for the last 9 months. For me, it has been a productive way to


I am wrapping up a project and would like to begin exploring new
opportunites. If you have a need for Oracle talent, and believe that
having a remote development resource could be of value in achieving your

objectives, I invite you to contact me.

to provide my resume as further communication develops.

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