conversion WP executive-> DbaseIII+

conversion WP executive-> DbaseIII+

Post by Mechanica / Electronica Cluster-I » Tue, 22 Nov 1994 21:17:58

Hi there,
Can anybody help me with the next problem:
How can I a file from WP executive translate in a DbaseIII+ structure.
I would be very happy if someone can tell me the anwer.
greetings, harrie

1. Document conversion (WP->Paradox)

I have been asked by a friend to help him to convert a WordPerfect file
into a Paradox database file.  And I am stumped.  
The original document
was set up to be printed onto 3x5 cards with 9 basic fields.  We decided
that instead of printing this file the information would be better in a
database.  There are the 9 fields on 6 lines with no uniform method of
distinguishing between fields.  My first dilemma is how to convert the
3000 records to a form that Paradox can read, in the easiest format.

is the format of the WP document.  
Branch Name, State/Province
District Name
Jurisdiction number
Historian's name Historian's address Years as historian

Years of report  (cumulative or annual)
<hard page>

Thanks in advance for any help,

Charles Martin

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