Access/ASP works W98 not NT

Access/ASP works W98 not NT

Post by E Vadl » Sun, 04 Feb 2001 08:05:11

I have an ASP application using MS Access 2000 database.  I'm using an ODBC Data
source name to access the database.  I can get it to work on my web server with
the a local MS Access database.  But when I change the DSN to point to a map
drive on my network that is a NT workstation, it DOES NOT work. But if I change
the DSN to point to a map drive on my network that is a W98 workstation, it

I'm pretty sure the code is correct.  But I have a feeling it is a permissions
problem.  Does anyone have any ideas?    


1. ODBC works in w98 not in NT Workstation

Hello Group:
Sorry my english

I have a client , that has a program, developped by another software house.
By mistake ,  one of the users, launch a program that installs a service
pack for NTServer for alpha servers. After this, i made a new installation
for intel servers. All clients w98 and w95 work, but the clients of NT
workstations, don't work, I always have ODBC errror message, telling that
login or password  is wrong, but the driver in NT, is configured like w98.

Can you help me ?
Some sugestions ?

 paulo frutuoso

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