VFP6, Palm OS Application, Symbol CSM 150 Scanner, Application Development

VFP6, Palm OS Application, Symbol CSM 150 Scanner, Application Development

Post by PB » Fri, 08 Nov 2002 12:12:40

I would like to develop a Foxpro program that would take a set of data
from my database and convert that data into a database format that
could be used on a Handheld device running Palm OS (specifically a
Handspring Visor Platinum).  
What would be my options for a file format? Has anyone converted their
foxpro data into the palm's native database format?
Once the data is on the handheld, I would want to use a Symbol CSM 150
scanner module to scan barcodes, then using a portion of the barcode,
scan then database for the matching record, display the record
information, prompt for necessary changes and then repeat.
Once the barcode scanning is complete, I would like to re-synchronize
the data back into my original Foxpro table.

Since I have no experience in Palm application programming. I need
input from you experts out there who have already delved into this

What Palm OS development tools should I look into (AppForge,
Codewarrior...)? Which ones are royalty free? Which are the easiest to
program and use? Which are the cheapest?  How do I interface to
foxpro? I know that it is do-able, but the devil is in the details so
any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.




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