dBASE Unstable!

dBASE Unstable!

Post by R. M. Zwari » Wed, 15 Feb 1995 00:37:41

:>dBASE _LOOKS__ a nice product  by first inspection, looks killer!
:>** BUT **
:>It is un-stable and BORLAND is VERY slow to make it right!
:>Stupid stuff like NO color property on COMBO boxes, what the F*#$, are
:>the DEv using mono screens or what. Also, they don't work!
:>Just try to make the De* work I dare you! GPF's all over the plac
:>Memory leaks, the sample code they send with it does not even work. Ru
:>the code with the system resource's API calls a few times and watch th
:>memory disaper...
:>Very frustrating, I am sorry, but dBASE is on hold until I see a rev.
:>that works.
:>What is the fate of BORLAND? Any clues? Good thing Delphi has a 90 day
:>money back!

I've already expressed my opinion of dBASE 5 for Win but if it's any
help, I did try changing display driver/card combinations and it seemed
to me that dBASE is somewhat stable with the very basic VGA driver card

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dBASE Unstable!

Post by Bowen Moursun » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 02:58:35

 Rick Samples writes (in email):
 >> B.S. "I" DID the work around, did you? You can honestly tell the WORLD
 >> you tried... Go ahead POST your changes, then tell everyone this works
 >> and that you say it works, then HIDE!

I can understand your frustration, I've been there myself, but ranting won't
change the facts. I'm not hiding. This message is posted publicly, unlike
the one to which it responds. And I just now RE-tested the published
workaround successfully.

 >> Use the SAMPLE form sysinfo.wfm. Make YOUR changes, then keep
 >> opening/closing it, the memory will STILL start to drip away faster and
 >> faster and then opps, all gone! _I_ know it does not work, _I_ tried

I suspect that you have not implemented the workaround properly, if you're
still encountering a rapid memory leak upon repeated excution of
SYSINFO.WFM. Ensure that you have removed any #include statements,

    #include WINAPI.H

and prototype the WinAPI functions used in the form in this fashion:

    if type("GetFreeSpace") # "FP"
      extern CLONG GetFreeSpace( CINT ) KRNL386.EXE

    if type("GetModuleHandle") # "FP"
      extern CHANDLE GetModuleHandle( CSTRING ) KRNL386.EXE

    if type("ShowWindow") # "FP"
      extern CLOGICAL ShowWindow( CHANDLE,CINT ) USER.EXE

    if type("GetModuleUsage") # "FP"
      extern CINT GetModuleUsage( CHANDLE ) KRNL386.EXE

    if type("GetWinFlags") # "FP"
      extern CLONG GetWinFlags( CVOID ) KRNL386.EXE

My recent test produced these results regarding windows memory:

                                        Windows memory
    Before 1'st exection of SYSINFO.WFM:    26,946
    While SYSINFO form is open              26,900
    After SYSINFO closed                    26,810

Repeated excutions produced the approximately the same numbers, with no
additional loss of memory. The missing 35K represents the 7K used per EXTERN

 >> I have a apps that people use, I can not will not go around 100+
 >> workstations rebooting boxes, un-f***ing dbf's every couple of hours!

While I don't have applications installed on a 100 workstation LAN, I run
all day long without having to reboot or de-fornicate data files. You must
have some configuration problems.

dBASE stresses systems, and reveals their weaknesses. You may have a flawed
driver that works fine under ordinary condtitions, but causes a lockup under
stress from dBASE. This would be a problem with the driver, not dBASE.

 >> This is why I moved most of my Q&A to the Internet, at least most people
 >> out here test thier code before they open thier mouths.

With your polite postings, I'm sure you'll receive all the A's to your Q's
that you deserve <g>.

 >> Better yet, tell TEAMB, I lost interest.

I'll tell 'em! They'll be thrilled to get the news!




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