Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia '97 (CFP)

Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia '97 (CFP)

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                        *** CALL FOR PAPERS ***

       International Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia '97
                              (VSMM '97)
                        in Geneva, Switzerland


September 10-12, 1997
University of Geneva, Switzerland

   The third International Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia
will be held in Geneva on 10-12 September 1997.  This conference is
supported by the International Society on Virtual Systems and
MultiMedia(VSMM), the International Federation for Information
Processing(IFIP) and MIRALab-CUI (University of Geneva).

   The conference will provide a forum for virtual reality and multimedia,
and an opportunity for academic researchers to exchange up-to-date technological
knowledge and experience.  In addition to the technical sessions, plenary and
invited sessions will be organized.


                    ******   CONFERENCE TOPICS   ******

        This year, particular emphasis will be put on multimedia topics


        Communication and Networking            Multimedia system services
        Electronic and Network publishing       Distributed multimedia systems
        Scientific and multimedia toolkits      User models for multimodal interfaces
        Storage and compression techniques      Digital video
        SNHC and MPEG-4 Standards               Teleshopping systems
        Voice, sound and texts integration      Multimedia distance learning
        Interactive virtual studios             Interactive Television

                          HUMAN INTERFACE and SENSING

        Haptic displays                 Force-feed back models
        Virtual sensors                 Visual interface
        Real-time control of Avatars    Sound and speech interfaces                                    
        3D Measurement                  Application of computer vision
        Tactile sensing                 Motion analysis and tracking
        Intelligent sensors             Sensors fusion
        Sensitivity Engineering         Pattern recognition
        2D&3D Scene analysis and Image processing


        Telerobotics & Telepresence                 VR for CAM & CIM,AI
        Intelligent manufacturing system        Control and simulation
        VR education software(VRES)             VR networks


        Medical surgery & supporting systems        VR for veterinary medicine
        Bioscience                              VR in psychology
        VR in sports                            VR in agriculture
        Artificial social systems

                             MODELING AND THEORY

        Rapid prototyping               Factory modeling & automation
        Mathematical modeling           Computational geometry  
        Fuzzy theory                    Neural network  
        Artificial life


                                   CALL FOR PANELS

Proposals for panels on topics related to Virtual Systems and MultiMedia must be
sent to Prof. N. Magnenat Thalmann( before
April 20, 1997.



Papers submitted should be pertinent to the conference topics.
Four copies of full papers in English are due April 20, 1997. Authors will
be notified by May 31, 1997.
Papers should be around 10 pages single spaced including images, figures,
tables and references.The paper should include the title of the paper, authors
names, affiliations, postal adresses, e-mail and fax number.
Each presentation is expected to be a 20-minute talk.

The Conference proceedings will appear in a book published by Springer Verlag.

Please submit papers to the following address:

                Prof. Nadia Magnenat Thalmann
                MIRALab CUI
                24 Rue du General Dufour
                CH 1211 Geneva 4


by anonymous ftp (in gzipped PostScript/PDF format) at (
        or (

(In case of submission by ftp, authors are requested to send an email
to including the title of the paper,
authors names, affiliations, postal adresses, e-mail and fax number,
together with the name of the file corresponding to their submission.)


April 20, 1997 for manuscripts
May 31, 1997 for the notification


A best paper Award will be given to authors of outstanding papers.  
Selection will be made at the conference based on technical content.  
The winners will be chosen by the conference committee members in consultation
with the members of VSMM.


High quality papers related to computer animation and visualization will be
selected for a special issue of the Journal of Visualization and Computer
Animation, published by John Wiley.



International Society on VSMM(President: Prof. Setsuo Ohsuga, Waseda University)
International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP),
        Working Group 5.10 on Computer Graphics and Virtual Worlds
MIRALab-CUI, University of Geneva


Honorary Committee Chair        Thomas B. Sheridan,  MIT, USA
General Committee Chair         Nadia Magnenat Thalmann  University of Geneva, Switzerland
General Committee Vice-Chairs          
                                Scott S. Fisher         Telepresence
                                                        Research, USA
                                Hiroshi Harashima       University of
                                                        Tokyo, Japan
                                Robert J. Stone         VR Solutions, UK  


Program Committee Chairs
        for Europe   Nadia Magnenat Thalmann    University of Geneva, Switzerland
        for Asia     Takeo Ojika                Gifu University, Japan
        for America  David Zeltzer              David Sarnoff Research Center, USA

Programm Committee Members
        Massimo         Bergamasco      Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Italy
        Tat-Seng        Chua            National University of Singapore,
        Rae A.          Earnshaw        University of Bradford, UK
        Ole    Henrik   Ellestad        Norsk Regnesentral, NO
        Jose L.         Encarnacao      Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Graphische
                                        Datenverarbeitung, Germany
        Scott S.        Fisher          Telepresence Research Corp., USA
        Eddy            Flerackers      Limburg University Center, Belgium
        Jean-Guy        Fontaine        Laboratoire de Robotique de Paris,France
        Mark    W.      Green           University Alberta, Canada
        Charles         Grimsdale       Director of Division Ltd, UK
        Hiroshi         Harashima       University of Tokyo, Japan
        Michitaka       Hirose          University of Tokyo, Japan
        Young Whan      Kim             Korean Telecom, South Korea
        Tohru           Ifukube         Hokkaido University, Japan
        Takeo           Kanade          Carnegie Mellon University, USA
        Stanislav       Klimenko                Institute for High Energy Physics,
        Myron           Krueger         Artificial Reality Corp., USA
        Tosiyasu L.     Kunii           University of Aizu, Japan
        Nadia           Magnenat Thalmann        University of Geneva, Switzerland
        Hermann         Maurer          University of Graz, Austria
        Makoto          Nonaka          President of FISA, USA
        Junji           Nomura          Matsusita Electric Works LTD, Japan
        Setsuo          Ohsuga          Waseda University, Japan
        Takeo           Ojika           Gifu University, Japan
        Alex            Pentland        MediaLab MIT, USA
        Werner          Purgathofer     Vienna University of Technology, Austria
        Larry           Rosenblum       Naval Research Laboratory, USA
        Joachim         Sauter          ART+COM, Germany
        Hans-Peter      Seidel          Erlangen University, Germany
        Luis            Serra           National University of Singapore,
        Sung Yong       Shin            Korea Advanced Institute of
                                        Science & Technology(KAIST), South Korea
        Mel             Slater          University of College London, UK
        Robert J.       Stone           VR Solutions Ltd, UK
        Yasuhito        Suenaga         Nagoya University, Japan
        Susumu          Tachi           University of Tokyo, Japan
        Zesheng         Tang            Tsinghua University, R. P. China
        Demetri         Terzopoulos     University of Toronto, Canada
        Daniel          Thalmann        Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
        Hal             Thwaites        Concordia University, Canada
        Junichiro       Toriwaki        Nagoya University, Japan
        Jiaxin          Wang            University of Tsinghua, R. P. China
        Kaye            Wohn            Korea Advanced Institute of Sciences &
                                        Technology(KAIST), South Korea
        Franz-Heinrich  Wolter          University of Hannover, Germany
        Kazuhiko        Yamamoto        Gifu University, Gifu, Japan
        David           Zeltzer         David Sarnoff Research Center, USA


        Pierre Beylot           MIRALab-CUI, University of Geneva, Switzerland
        Laurent Moccozet        MIRALab-CUI, University of Geneva, Switzerland
        Veronique Willi         MIRALab-CUI, University of Geneva, Switzerland

           Gifu Research and Development Foundation (GRDF)

          * The Swiss Informaticians Society
          * The Computer Graphics Society (CGS)
          * Eurographics
          * VR News, USA and Europe
          * The Virtual Reality Society of Japan
          * The British Computer Graphics Society
          * Virtual System Laboratory of Gifu University


For further information

                Laurent Moccozet
                MIRALab CUI
                24 Rue du General Dufour
                CH 1211 Geneva 4
                tel: +41-22 705.77.64
                fax: +41-22 705.77.80


                VSMM'97 web site at