JLP "Technical Notes" : new area announcement and CFP

JLP "Technical Notes" : new area announcement and CFP

Post by Saumya K. Debr » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 06:22:40

The Journal of Logic Programming solicits contributions for a new "Technical
Notes" area.  The purpose of this area is the rapid publication of short
papers (upto 5000 words, excluding tables, figures, and bibliography) of
interest to the logic programming community.  In addition to the traditional
research topics covered in other areas of the Journal, this area also covers
"practice and experience" style reports on insights and experiences
arising from the practical application of research results.  In general, a
paper can be considered to be within the scope of this area if it is of
interest to (a reasonable portion of) the logic programming community, if it
makes a nontrivial and non-obvious contribution to the knowledge within this
area, and if it meets the length restriction specified.

In addition to original contributions not previously published elsewhere,
papers and abstracts presented at conferences may be revised and submitted
as Technical Notes.  In order to minimize processing delays, it is intended
to use electronic communication and document manipulation as far as
possible.  To this end, authors are encouraged to submit papers
electronically.  Submissions should contain the name, e-mail address, and
postal address of the corresponding author, a brief abstract and reasonably
accurate word count for the paper (excluding figures, tables, and
bibliography), and the manuscript in postscript format, and be sent by
electronic mail to the area editor:

   Saumya K. Debray
   Dept. of Computer Science
   The University of Arizona
   Tucson, AZ 85721, USA

If electronic submission is inconvenient, five paper copies prepared
according to the guidelines for regular papers should be sent.
Saumya Debray
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Arizona, Tucson