CD-ROM burning problem...

CD-ROM burning problem...

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Sorry, I can't thank you directly (I couldn't figure out your name from your
post).  Thanks.

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1. vfp 3.0 CD Rom Install, CD Label problem Win95

I am trying to make an installion CD for my
VFP 3.0 app ...

I have created a NET install, then installed it (write away the silly
microsoft stuff)... (using the wizzard)

My Problem is now.... when I go to install it on a Windows 95
machine, it asks me for a CD Rom Labeled "Disk 1"

Problem is with the setup.inf file, I then edited the setup inf
to have a volume labeled "BENCH", or ""  re-created the CD
with the same problem aaaarrrggghhh (Please insert CD labeled "" or
"Bench" or whatever)

Anyone have any ideas??

The install works fine on a Windows 3.x machine.



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