-->Need Database Guru to Help Setup Massive Discographical Database

-->Need Database Guru to Help Setup Massive Discographical Database

Post by Jon Nori » Sat, 15 Jan 1994 07:04:15


My partner and I are seriously considering consolidating into an electronic
database all the known discographical information for 78 RPM recordings.
We'd like this database to be accessible on various platforms, including DOS,
Windows, Mac, and possibly Unix.  In addition, we'd like to market this
database combined with software to use it on these platforms -- such software
would allow all kinds of searching, report writing, the whole nine yards.  We
don't know if a CD-ROM is required to hold all of the data but that's a minor
detail that we can determine later.

Anyway, we are looking for a person who would know how to implement this
project.  We'd be the experts in discography and how the final product should
"look" and "feel" -- you'd be the person to advise, and possibly even put it
together, as to how we get from here to there.  One note:  this product
will be marketed to record collectors and discographical researchers, many of
whom are true computer klutzes -- this will have to be considered in the design
of the final product.

BTW, it is important that we work with you -- in person.  Thus, it is
preferred that you live in the Bay Area of California.  If you're not from
the Bay Area, you'd have to arrange to travel here often.  Feel free to send
me a resume' or short bio about yourself.  I'm a very informal person and
I always look past the "hype" of the interview process, that is, I don't judge
a person by how they dress, how well they talk, or how cool and professional
their resume' looks -- I judge them by their skills, prior experience, and
especially their successes in the same area of interest.  Faded blue jeans
are fine in my world.  :^)  However, my partner and I will be very demanding,
since we have a real passion for 78 RPM recordings (he likes the 20's and 30's
dancebands, I'm like the late 20's to early 30's jazz recordings), so
patience and *flexibility* is a must for anyone working with us on this

In addition, just to make myself clear, this is NOT a "job", rather, consider
it a "limited partnership" with profit sharing in the final product, though
we might consider some other kind of arrangement, such as consultant fees.
We do feel that there is a small, but significant market out there for our

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jon Noring

(p.s.  From the rest of you, I'd like to get feedback as to what commercial
database product(s) would be the best to use for our discographical database
project.  As I said above, we need to be able to read it on Dos, Windows, Mac,
and possibly Unix platforms.)


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