Substring for UV/ODBC

Substring for UV/ODBC

Post by Alexandru Vul » Thu, 19 Sep 2002 02:24:41

We have Universe 9.6.B on AIX 4.3.
When I try to use SUBSTRING in ODBC-client, I get error.
For example:
1. when I try SELECT SUBSTRING(SINT,1,2) FROM ...
the error is:
uniVerse code: 950088; Msg: [Informix][SQL
Client][UNIVERSE]UniVerse/SQL: syntax error.  Unexpected symbol.
Token was ",".

2. When i use try SELECT SUBSTRING(SINT FROM 1 FOR 3) FROM ...
the error is:
[Ardent][UVODBC][1401030]Error ID: 29  Severity: ERROR  Facility:
FPSRVERR - Line 1, column 23 (around "FROM"): Syntax error.

So, it seems, that it knows about SUBSTRING, but the format is

Is it possible to use SUBSTRING in UV ODBC-clients ?
(in command promt mode the second variant works).



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Having a problem importing an account from UV/Unix to UV/NT. Long
filenames where not turned on on the unix machine. When items are
restored to UV/NT, like basic source code, I think you get a 'folder'
for the first x characters of the program name and then the basic
program item itself is stored as a file under that folder and is named
with the remaining characters. At any rate, you get bizarre results.

The question is...
Does anyone know of a relatively painless way to turn long filenames
on on a UV/Unix account and get all the files renamed from their
truncated versions to a full long filename?
Don't really want to have to copy items out of each file,
delete/recreate the files.

Thanks much for any advice.

Joe Walter

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