Need introductory info on databases

Need introductory info on databases

Post by af.. » Sun, 15 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I want to learn database fundamentals. Can anyone point me to some web
pages where I could get basic info on relational databases?

Thank You


1. Introductory information needed

MS-SQL users:
I have been assigned to a task of designing and building a database
on a Windows NT server with MS-SQL.  Only trouble is, I'm a UNIX
programmer with 10 years Ingres DBMS experience.  I know little about
Windows NT and next to nothing about MS-SQL.  Are there any books
anyone can recommend?  Where do I start? - we don't even have a system
running any of this in house yet!  They want this by September but
I've already been told there will be no money in the project for me to
take any training classes.  The Dilbert Principle explains this project
very well.

What comes with MS-SQL?  Is it just a server?  Are there front-end
development tools or do they cost extra/just come from 3rd parties?
I don't know what kind of front end they are expecting to use or if
I'm just supposed to provide the database and someone else will deal
with the interface to it, but if past experience is any guide, these
people think an interface just magically happens when you create a

Not a happy camper...
Mary Anne Espenshade

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