Seeking SW for Help desk/registration of software

Seeking SW for Help desk/registration of software

Post by Clay D. Nicho » Wed, 04 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for software which will assist in managing customers who have
purchased my software.

Features I am looking for:

*Bug tracking
*Historical bugs feature (sort of a Knowledge Base of old bugs, etc.)
*Customer database, with ability to print postcards, mailing labels, etc.
*?Integration with email, to send our information to selecte Database entries

Any suggestions?
Any idea of price?

Clay Nichols


1. SW Help Desk Analysts JAX FL

Time Resource Management, Inc.
is a leading developer and supplier of time & attendance and labor
management computer systems is experiencing dramatic growth in it's client
services divisions.  We are looking to fill the following key position to
facilitate the continuing success and growth of our company.  

Help Desk Analysts
Help Desk Analysts are needed to perform customer support for our time and
attendance software.  Candidates should posses strong payroll knowledge and
computer skills and have experience with computerized time and attendance
or payroll software.  Knowledge of DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows
NT, and Novell is required.  A Bachelors degree is required.  The position
will be based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Please respond to:

Dir. of Client Services
Time Resource Management, Inc.
7020 A.C. Skinner Parkway
Suite 150
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Fax (904) 296-3068

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