PROGRESS Email Group (PEG)

PROGRESS Email Group (PEG)

Post by Ethan Lish of THI » Tue, 20 Nov 1990 23:10:07

Nov 10 15:06 1990  PROGRESS EMail Group Introduction  Page 1

We take great pleasure in announcing the establishment of a
world wide electronic mailing list, via the Internet, devoted
exclusively to the discussion of all relevant aspects of the
PROGRESS(tm) RDBMS.  Discussion may include any topic related
to the subject, such as transaction processing, system
implementation on networks, concurrency, library construction,
modular design, function design, tuning or using the product in
any environment, conversion to new versions, announcements of
conferences, etc.

All the above topics will be treated under the light of the
PROGRESS(tm) RDBMS products, so the focus will be on
implementing algorithms using this package.

Users may subscribe by sending mail to

(not your login id), Company Name, Voice Phone Number,
Machine and Operating System which hosts your account.

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Does anybody know what happened to the Progress E-Mail Group (PEG)?
When I try to get to that site, I get any error message:

"netscape is unable to locate the server"

Has it been moved or closed?


Vi-Hong Tang

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