VFP Creating Label definition files

VFP Creating Label definition files

Post by John Wieczore » Tue, 17 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I have a form that defines the parameters for choosing the data to
print on labels. I want to be able to select the label type (I'll get
these from label.dbf) and then save the setup information from my form
to a label definition (.LBX) file. I'll then use the label definition
in the LABEL command to do the printing from a control event. I cannot
use the label wizard or the label designer for this purpose. Is there
another way to create a .LBX file?


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Hi everyone,
I need to make the SQL Server sort the query result correctly according to
my language (Thai) but the available sort order of SQL Server does not do
it.  I see some note about custom sort order and the definition file.   But
I don't know how to create the definition file and how it actually works.
So, does anyone know  about it or can point me to where I can read  more?
Or any other solution is very welcome.
Thanks in advance,

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