Conference Announcement and Preliminary Call for Papers (Very Large DB)

Conference Announcement and Preliminary Call for Papers (Very Large DB)

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                          Very Larga DataBases 94

          Conference Announcement and Preliminary Call for Papers

           20th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases

                              Santiago - Chile

                           September 12-15, 1994


A distinguished history of  20 years has established  VLDB at the center  of
the international data base community.  It is one of the oldest  established
forums of discussion in  the international database  community and,  without
doubt, one of the most eminent.
  VLDB'94 is to  take place in Santiago, Chile, a hospitable modern  capital
city landmarked by the Mapocho river and the impressive heights of the Andes
  We invite  you to submit papers  reporting recent research results in  the
general field of  databases.   In  addition,  to mark  the 20th  anniversary
of VLDB special efforts  are being made  to further the  goal of leading  in
reporting and stimulating  new research  directions.   To  this purpose,  we
solicit papers and  panel proposals  on speculative  and futuristic  topics.
We also encourage papers on  novel and challenging applications of  database
technology in designing and building complex information systems.
  A  new aspect  of the  conference is  the industrial  cases program.    We
encourage submission of  papers describing work  of significant interest  to
industry, particularly  in areas  providing interesting  directions for  the
development of databases.  We seek to provide a forum to discuss experiences
in applying databases to real life situations.  In the evaluation of  papers
submitted to this program,  the committee  will consider novelty,  technical
quality and  the value  of  reported results  to developers  of  information
  A  high-quality  tutorial program  will be  offered  in both  English  and

Topics of Interest

The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

   Extended Relational Databases         Database Languages
   Object Oriented Databases             Data Models and Database Design
   Knowledge Base Management Systems     Data Consistency, Integrity and Security
   Temporal and Spatial Databases        Optimization and Performance
   Multimedia Databases                  Concurrency and Transaction Management
   Heterogeneous Databases               Storage Management
   Engineering and Scientific Databases  Persistent Object Systems
   Parallel and Distributed Databases    Architectures
   Text Databases                        Implementation Issues
   Graphical Query Languages             User Interfaces

Paper Submission

Six copies of original papers not exceeding 5000 words (double spaced pages,
including keywords) should be submitted by the 23th of February 1994, to the
appropriate regional program chair:

   North-american Program Chair:               European Program Chair:
   -----------------------------               -----------------------

   Carlo Zaniolo                               Matthias Jarke
   USA                                         Germany

   Computer Science Department                 RWTH-Aachen
   University of California, Los Angeles       Informatik V, Ahornstr.  55
   405 Hilgard Avenue, CA 90024                52074 Aachen, Germany
   e-mail:                email:
   tel:  (+1 310) 825 8137                     tel:  (+49 241) 80 21501
   fax:  (+1 310) 825 2273                     fax:  (+49 241) 80 21529

   Latin-America, Pacific Basin
   and Far-East Program Chair:

   Jorge Bocca

   (Latin-American region)                     (Other regions)
   Depto. de Ciencias de la Computacion        School of Computer Science
   Universidad de Chile                        University of Birmingham
   Blanco Encalada 2120                        Edgbaston
   Santiago                                    Birmingham B15 2TT
   Chile                                       United Kingdom
   e-mail:               e-mail:
   tel:  (+56 2) 689 2736                      tel:  (+44 21) 414 3711
   fax:  (+56 2) 689 5531                      fax:  (+44 21) 414 4281


Tutorial proposals should be sent by air-mail, fax or e-mail to one of:

   Alberto Mendelzon                           Ricardo Baeza-Yates
   Canada                                      Chile

   CSRI                                        Depto. de Ciencias de la Computacion
   University of Toronto                       Universidad de Chile
   Toronto                                     Blanco encalada 2120
   Canada M5S 1A1                              Santiago, Chile
   e-mail:              e-mail:
   tel:  (+1 416) 978-2952                     tel:  (+56 2) 689 2736
   fax:  (+1 416) 978-4765                     fax:  (+56 2) 689 5531

  Some  suggested,  but not  exclusive,  tutorial  topics are:    multimedia
data management, scientific databases, geographic information systems,  user
interfaces and visualization,  object-oriented analysis  and design,  active
databases, transaction processing, distributed object management, persistent
object systems,  database programming  languages, standards  and  technology
integration, etc.

Industrials Cases

The VDLB Conference  will set up  for the  first time a  section devoted  to
the discussion of experiences  of commercial use  of Databases in  industry,
including the discussion of new leading products.
  Authors are requested  to submit their papers within the dates and  format
established for the  rest of the  conference, except that  papers should  be
submitted to one of  the following members of  the Industrial Cases  program

Jose A. Blakeley                            Felipe Carino Jr.
USA                                         USA

Texas Instruments                           NCR/Teradata Corporation
13510 N. Central Expressway, MS 238         100 N. Sepulveda Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75243                         El Segundo, CA 90245
e-mail:                email:
tel:  (+1 214) 995 0362                     tel:  (+1 310) 524 7026
fax:  (+1 214) 995 0304                     fax:  (+1 310) 524 0015

Guillermo Lois                              Ivan Tabkha (Chair)
Sweden                                      Chile

IBM Nordic Lab                              Depto. de Ciencias de la Computacion
BOX 962, 181 09 Lidingo, Sweden             Universidad de Chile
Lidingo, Sweden                             Blanco Encalada 2120
e-mail:        e-mail:
tel:  (+46 8) 636 6342                      tel:  (+56 2) 689 2736
fax:  (+46 8) 767 4929                      fax:  (+56 2) 689 5531


Proposals for panel sessions should be sent to:

   Ron Morrison                                Computer Science
   United Kingdom                              University of St.  Andrews
                                               St.  Andrews - Fife KY16 9SS
                                               United Kingdom
                                               tel:  (+44 33) 463 254
                                               fax:  (+44 33) 463 278

Important Dates

Paper, Panel, Tutorial and
Industrial Cases Submissions:....................... 23 February, 1994
Notification of Acceptance:......................... 25 April, 1994
Conference:......................................... 12-15 September, 1994

Local Organization Committee

General Chair:                              Organization Chair:
-------------                               -------------------

Jorge Olivos                                Patricio Poblete
Chile                                       Chile

Depto. de Ciencias de la Computacion        Depto. de Ciencias de la Computacion
Universidad de Chile                        Universidad de Chile
e-mail:              e-mail:

Organization Vice-Chair:

Ivan Tabkha                                 Depto. de Ciencias de la Computacion
Chile                                       Universidad de Chile

Conference Officers

Geographical Chairs:

Europe                        North-America            Latin-America,
------                        -------------            Pacific Basin and Far-East

Mike Freeston                 Mario Schkolnick         Jorge Vidart
ECRC                          IBM                      U. de la Republica
Germany                       USA                      Uruguay

Treasurer                     VLDB Foundation Representative  Publicity
--------                      ------------------------------  ---------

Nancy Hitschfeld              Erich Neuhold                   Keith Jeffery
Universidad de Chile          IPSI                            SERC/RAL
Chile                         Germany                         United Kingdom

Corporate Sponsors




Social Program

CONFIATUR                                         Francisco Noguera 201
                                                  Santiago, Chile
                                                  tel and fax:  (+56 2) 234 1696

For further information, please contact any  member of the local organization
committee  by e-mail,  fax, or  mail. There is also a VLDB database server
accessible through  our local Internet Gopher service at

The local organization full address is:

  VLDB'94 Conference
  Departamento de Ciencias de la Computacion
  Universidad de Chile
  Blanco Encalada 2120
  Santiago, Chile
  tel:  (+56 2) 689 2736
  fax:  (+56 2) 689 5531