Percent column working at break key totals - How

Percent column working at break key totals - How

Post by banshe » Sun, 24 Aug 1997 04:00:00

 I could write three hundred lines of code to accomplish it, and I may have
to but it seems a little backwards with todays software capabilities.

os = Universe pick flavor account on HP

I have a file where attr 1 = retail sell price
                                    attr 2 = gross margin

there format is internal two decimal.

I have a dictionary item that calculates the margin percent using attr 8 =
A;2 * "1000" / 1 * "1000" attr 7 is mr36.

This will increase the values large enough so the division is a 'A'
corrective does not zero out the results and displays the output .XXX. This
actually works correctly up to the break point, where I don't get the
desired results. I want the margin percent to properly be calculated based
on the sub totals on the break point line. I have tries the AVG function and
it averages the column even with NO.NULLS option. the Percent function is
weighted percent.

I suspect that I'm not alone on this and would love to see how others have
worked around it. If there is an answer short of writing the data basic
program please provide an small example cause I'm new to universe and am not
completly up to speed on I types yet.



Percent column working at break key totals - How

Post by IISM » Wed, 03 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I'm sure you mean "BREAK-ON", not "Break Key". Try the following:

A;2*"1000000"/10]MR24 as a conversion on line 7. (the ] is a ctrl ] )

oops .. just noticed that you are using mr36... you may need to fool
around with the 000's & 10, and change the mr24 to your mr36, but this is
the basic idea.

The trick is in remembering when the BREAK-ON values are generated: during
the intermediate format. Therefore, to use the results of a break lines,
the calculation must be performed after the intermediate format as a
conversion code.

good luck

andy gopcevic
ada compliance council inc. d.b.a. iismcs


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