Database for Images?

Database for Images?

Post by Amit Agarw » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 03:11:05

Hi all,

i am looking for a database for storing and retrieving Images in tiff, gif
and other graphical formats. I want it to run on a Novell server and should
have libraries which i can link to my programs to talk to the database.

Thanks for your time.




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I have hundreds of "rich" (doc/rtf/ppt/xls/pdf) and html documents.
using a special tool, "rich" documents are marked by us and html documents
are parsed and stripped (to textual content, without tags or code).

After the tool has finished, we plan to insert each file content into the

I'm wondering what is the best database design for this?
should I use two columns (text and image) to store textual (parsed) content
and the rich files seperatlly? or can I use a text field for the "rich"
files as well?

I have no plan to use ms-sql full text search, just store the "rich" files
AS IS in the database for further processing.


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