Indexing for SQL complient Views on Unidata v4

Indexing for SQL complient Views on Unidata v4

Post by CLeigh19 » Tue, 11 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I am attempting to a EIS system to work with Unidata. I have managed to
create the views for the S,MV and MS attribs but the indexing appears all
messed up.

For testing purposes I have truncated the files and everything works fine.
When I point the EIS system it really strugles to return data. This I feel
is because the values in the tables are split over 2 or 3 classes in my
EIS system.

So does anyone out there know how I can establish if the Indexing is
working correctly. If they are not how do I get them to work?

I am running Unidata 4 on our test machine a Motorola 8640. Uniserver is
version 2 and the ODBC drivers are the 32bit version 2 drivers. The EIS
system I am using is Business Objects. I have created the views using
Schema API and not VSG.

If anyone out there can help I would be most gratefull.




1. BDE Replacement thats SQL Complient?

I'm currently look for a database for Delphi v1.0 (yes 16-bit) that allows
access to it's tables using ALL the native Delphi database components.  
Especially TQuery.

Currently Paradox/Dbase support is far too slow due to not being able to use
Secondary indexes in your queries, and Interbase is fast becoming a pain when
you need multi-user support.

I have see several good replacements out there for Access/Btrieve/FoxPro etc.
however the are either not SQL complient, or for 32-bit only.

Does such a beast exist, or am I just stuck with Interbase?

Andrew H. Grilk
Securities Data Company Inc.
Newark, NJ

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