Immediate Disconnect

Immediate Disconnect

Post by Stefan Morro » Fri, 20 Jul 2001 21:38:32

I have written a small Installation Program for our
Database Application.

Now this installer has a number of ADODB Connection
objects: One for the DBA and one will be created during
install for installing tables. How it works:

1) Login as DBA
2) Create Tablespace T1
3) Create User U1 with default tablespace = T1
4) Login as U1
5) Create Tables

Now, in my errorhandling I would like to reverse all steps
as soon as something goes wrong using the DBA Connection:

1) Disconnect U1
2) Drop Tablespace T1
3) Drop User U1

Unfortunately when I try to drop the user, I get an error
message telling me that user U1 is still connected
eventhough I closed the connection object and specifically
set it to Nothing.

Is there a way to immediately disconnect a User? At least
in the SQL Commands I can't find anything....

Thanks a lot



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