How to let the "PRINT" not do

How to let the "PRINT" not do

Post by annd » Thu, 03 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Dear Sirs,

I have 2 forms, myapp1.scx (related to myapp1.dbf) and myapp2.scx (related
to myapp2.dbf).

There are one "print" in the menu "File" and another "print" in the tool

I do not want to export the myapp1.dbf as "*.dbf" or "*.html" when I
But I want to "print" myapp2.dbf as normal (any file format).

How to do?

With regards,

Cheng Chun


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I am writing a piece of code that keeps on bombing with invalid paramater
everytime it tries to call Tquery.Open, but only once the specific procedure
has been called before.

Var Shft : String {paramater in function call}
 If (ShftWork_qry <> nil) then
 ShftWork_qry := TQuery.Create(Application.Owner);
 ShftWork_qry.Databasename := 'Timewizard';
 ShftWork_qry.SQL.Add('Select * from ShftWork where ShiftCode =

This gets called a great deal of times in a rather complicated updating
procedure, and there are other similar functions that also get called. I
have spent 6hours messing around with an error message that makes no sense,
it also occurs at random, and seems to have something to do with the BDE
resources, since when I run it outside Delphi, it runs a while longer before
it bombs.

This is driving me nuts, any help would be GREATLY appreciated, the code has
been chopped up and redone many times to try and find a way around.

Please E-mail me if possible.

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