DbaseIV v2.0 under Windows95 'Access File Error' Help needed

DbaseIV v2.0 under Windows95 'Access File Error' Help needed

Post by Martin Meg » Wed, 19 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Whenever I try to run dBASEIV v2.0 under Windows 95 I get an 'Access
File corrupted error' and the program will not start.  dBASE is
accesed from a file server and works fine when accessed from
workstations running Windows 3.1, so I know that the Access file is
not corrupted.

dBASEIV v1.5 worked fine on the same machine under Windows95.

This has been bugging me for quite awhile now. Can anyone throw some
light on this. TIA


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Hi all,

I have a program that interfaces to an Access 2000 database. Everything
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L. Behr.

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