comp.databases.olap Charter

comp.databases.olap Charter

Post by Daniel Druk » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 00:26:45

Charter of comp.databases.olap:

This usenet newsgroup will discuss the issues encompassing On-Line
Analytical Processing, as defined by E.F. Codd of Codd Inc. in
his recent white paper entitled "Providing OLAP (On-line Analytical
Processing) to User-Analysts: an IT Mandate".

Topics which could be discussed in this newsgroup include
multidimensional databases, multidimensional analysis tools and
techniques, decision support systems (DSS), executive information systems
(EIS), data warehousing, data marting, and a host of other related
topics. In general, OLAP is about getting data out of transaction
procesing systems and turning it into information. A more complete
description of the Codd paper on OLAP is given below, along with
additional references that I have found to be helpful on this topic.


In August 1993, Codd and Date announced a major breakthrough in business
computing with 12 rules for On-Line Analytial Processing (OLAP).  
Developed by Dr. E.F. Codd, with colleagues Clynch Salley and Sharon
Codd, OLAP is defined as the dynamic synthesis, analysis, and
consolidation of large volumes of multidimensional data.  Dr. Codd is the
founder of Codd and Date, Inc, and is the inventor of the abstract model
and the 12 rules for relational technology.

With OLAP, Codd and Date has established and clarified a significant area
of business data processing and a new product category for
"multidimensional analysis" -- which are not adequately addressed by the
current combination of relational systems, spreadsheets, and query tools.  
OLAP involves the dynamic and extensive manipulation of unlimited
variables of data, and complements On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP)
applications.  OLAP applications include rapid consolidations and
multiple scenarios of forecasts, budgets, product plans, capital asset
plans, sales analyses, and performance reports.  OLAP products make
multidimensional analysis easier and more efficient for business users.


There has recently been an explosion in industry interest in OLAP
concepts, techniques, and products.  This is reflected both in an
increase in trade press articles and commercial products which serve this
segment.  In the comp.databases hierarchy there has been a similar
increase in postings relating to the issues that would be covered by this

It is my belief that the increasing interest has been largely driven by
the realization that now that we have figured out how to stuff 1000 TPS
into a database, we need better tools and techniques to get the data out
in a form that analysts can use to solve business problems.  The intent
is for this newsgroup to provide a place to centralize issues, expertise,
and information relating to OLAP.


Topics appropriate to this newsgroup include but are not limited to:

     - Decision Support Systems
     - Executive Information Systems
     - Multidimensional Database Systems
     - Data Warehousing
     - Data Marting
     - Very Large Read-Only Databases
     - Multidimensional Front-End Tools
     - Sparse Data Models and Optimization Techniques
     - Multidimensional Analysis using Relational Systems
     - Limitations of SQL for business analysis
     - Parallelization and other methods to speed processing.
     - End User Query Tools
     - Ad-Hoc Query Tools
     - Business Reporting and Financial Analysis Tools

Commercial products which would probably be discussed in this newsgroup
include but are not limited to:

Multidimensional / Psuedo-Multidimensional Servers
Vendor                      Product
Arbor Software              Essbase
Dimensional Insight         CrossTarget
IRI                         Express
Kenan Technologies          Acumate, Multiway
Metapraxis                  EKS
Pilot                       Lightship Server
Simper Systems              TM/1 Spreadsheet Connector

Data Warehouses / Relational Systems
Vendor                      Product
Digital                     rdb
IBI                         Focus
IBM                         DB2
Informix                    Informix Database
NCR/Terradata               Terradata Enterprise Server
Oracle                      Oracle7
Red Brick                   Warehouse    
Sybase                      System 10
Tandem                      Non-Stop, Himalaya
Unify                       Unify/Uniface

Financial Consolidation Tools
Comshare                    FDC
IMRS                        Hyperion

Query Tools and Front Ends providing DSS, EIS, or Multidimensional Analysis
Vendor                      Product
Ambit Research              Ark
Andyne                      Pablo, GQL
Applix                      Arcade
Bluestone                   dbViewer  
Brio                        DataPivot, DataPrism, DataEdit
Business Objects            Business Objects
CA                          Compete, Supercalc, Visual Express
Cognos                      PowerPlay, Impromptu
Comshare                    Commander EIS
Coromandel Industries       QBE Vision
Data Ease                   Express
Gupta                       SQL Windows, Quest
Icons International         Data Partner+
Information Advantage       Decision Support Suite
IntelligenceWare            Corporate Vision, Iconic Query
Informix                    Viewpoint
IQ Software                 IQ Access
JAM                         JYACC  
Lighten                     Advance
Lotus                       Improv, 1-2-3, Approach
Metaphor                    DIS
Microsoft                   Excel, Query, Access
Neuron Data                 Open Interface, DB Access
Open Books                  Open Books
Oracle                      Data Browser, Card, Data Query
Osoft Development           WinList  
ParcPlace                   VisualWorks
Pilot                       Lightship
Power Thinking Tools        FreeThink
Programmed Intelligence     Intelligent Query
Q+E Software                Q+E
Qualix                      dbViewer
SAS Institute               SAS
Sinper                      TM/1 Perspectives
Software Interfaces         SQL Assist
Spinnaker                   Personal Access
Sterling                    Journey
Sybase                      EasySQL  
Sycomp Pty Ltd              CorVu
TechGnossis                 SequeLink
Template Software           SNAP
Unify                       Uniface, Personal Access, Personal Query

This list was taken from DBMS magazine, and augmented by a number of
contributers from the net. If there are other products that you think
should be added, feel free to send me an email and I will add them
to the list.


Codd, E.F., "Providing OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) to User-
     Analysts: An IT Mandate", E.F. Codd and Associates, 1993
     This white paper defined OLAP, and presents business cases for its
     need and usefullness.

Finkelstein, Richard, "Understanding the need for On-Line Analytical
     Servers" Performance Computing Inc., 1994
     This white paper discusses the need for a seperate class of servers
     for analytical processing.

Kimball, Ralph, and Strehlo, Kevin "What's wrong with SQL", Datamation,
     June 1994.
     This article discusses the limitations of SQL for business analysis.
     It proposes a number of extensions to SQL

Kimball, Ralph and Strehlo, Kevin "Why Decision Support fails and how
     to fix it." Datamation, June 1994.
     This article discusses modelling multidimensional data in
     relational databases.

DBMS Magazine Interview "The Doctor of DSS", DBMS Magazine, July 1994.
     Ralph Kimball discusses his experiences at Red Brick and Metaphor,
     two of the seminal vendors in the DSS industry.

Frank, Maurice, "A drill down analysis of Multidimensional Databases,"
     DBMS Magazine, July  1994.
     This is a survey of multidimensional servers and products on the
     market today.

Xenakis, John, "Multidimensional Databases," Application Development
     Strategies," Volume VI No. 4, April 1994.
     An industry analysis of the various multidimensional products on
     the market. Contact for more information.

Lots of people have emailed asking how to get the Codd and Date and the
Finkelstein Papers. I expect to have them on line in EPS format in the
next month or so. In the meantime, Arbor Software is providing them
at no charge. To get a copy call 1-800-858-1666 or internationally
+44-734-566749. Some of the other vendors also offer the Codd paper,
and numerous other documents about OLAP. Contact them directly for
more information.


- Dan

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comp.databases.olap Charter

Post by Michael Drapk » Thu, 06 Oct 1994 00:22:23


I recently heard of this newsgroup and thought that certain readers
might find the following of interest:

I am currently spearheading a proposal within our firm for an R&D
project into multidimensional databases.  We are currently looking
for outside business partners, either academic or commercial, who
might be interested in participating with us in such an endeavor.

If you are interested in partnering with us in a true research and

and I'll send you a one page abstract describing the project.  We
can take it from there.

Some firms have expressed interest in projects involving existing
software products, but funding will only be made available to us
for undeveloped technology, hence the "true" moniker.

While we have already been in contact with a number of organizations,
no cooperative agreements have been reached yet, and would
welcome inquiries from other organizations.

Michael Drapkin
Project Manager
Lehman Brothers


comp.databases.olap Charter

Post by NRad » Mon, 17 Oct 1994 05:06:03

Quote:Druker) writes:

Quote:Druker) writes:

Charter of comp.databases.olap:

This usenet newsgroup will discuss the issues encompassing On-Line
Analytical Processing, as defined by E.F. Codd of Codd Inc. in...

Thanks for the charter, Dan. I've been looking for something like this for
a long time. In fact, I used to work with Jim Dorrian, Bob Earle and Jim
Lodestro in the early 80's. Send my regards.

There are a few products you may habe overlooked:

Data warehouse - considering the # of times you mention Kimball, why not
Red Brick?
Also, in the data warehouse manager category, have a look at Extract! from
ETI in Austin and Inmon's Prism, as well as EDA/SQL from IBI.
In the multi-dimensional DSS/modelling realm, there is Holos and Gentium.
Also, I believe that Powers and Wilk (of FCS fame) have a product growing
in the UK, but I don't know much about it.

Keep up the good work!


1. Monthly Posting: comp.databases.olap Charter

IF>>Subject: Monthly Posting: comp.databases.olap Charter

IF>>Charter of comp.databases.olap:
IF>Hi Daniel.

IF>Glad to see that you are starting this group. I will try to participate in
IF>this group since it is a topic that is of great interest to me at this time.
IF>In particular, I would be interested in hearing comments on my paper, my
IF>article in Computerworld, or my upcoming article in Database Progamming and
IF>Design. Since I argue that RDBMSs are not appropriate for OLAP, I would be
IF>very interested in hearing comments for and against this position.

I'm extremely happy to see this group, also. While I've not written any
papers on the subject, I've been waging a quiet battle in the workplace
to get our systems analysts to look seriously at the OLAP concept.  Any
information I can get that will aid in the battle is sorely needed!

InfoTech Direct BBS (( St. Louis Mo. ))    (314)-647-4599

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